Corona Status November 2021

Lars Poulsen - 2021-11-07

However much we long for Coronavirus to be a distant memory, it is still a living, daily reality.

The National Summary

National Graph

New infections per day about 71,000 - which is about 22 per 100,000 population. This compares to relative numbers per 100,000 of:
Place, StateNumberComment
Santa Barbara County11Where we live
Los Angeles County13The nearest big city
California16Our State
Warren County, Iowa34Where my daughter Katherine lives
Geaugea County, Ohio37Where our sister-in-law lives
Madison Mero Area, Wisconsin24Where our niece lives
Alaska82Worst state in the USA
Denmark35My family of origin

Who is getting sick

It is the unvaccinated!

As of today ...

Children over 5 years of age can be vaccinated.
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